Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylagia, or as it is more commonly known Tennis Elbow, is an inflammatory condition that affects the soft tissues on the outside of your elbow. It is the type of pain that will begin small, and slowly develop into strong constant pain, with weakness in the hand and arm shortly after.

It is typically caused through repetitive tasks such as lifting, reaching, gripping and twisting. On the inside, the tendon where the extensor muscles attach into the bone is beginning to degrade from constant use. First, they become swollen and then they begin to fray.

There are lots of treatment options available to patients, and rehabilitation is different for each person. A full assessment of your arm needs to be completed before deciding which treatment option is right for you. Once this is done we can correct any faulty techniques/movement patterns, provide pain relief with soft tissue massage, dry needling, mobilisation techniques and taping, and begin an exercise program to strengthen the arm and reduce the risk of recurrence.