About Body Plus Physio

Body Plus Physio was founded by Chris Innes in 2012 when his original practice at Morayfield Gardens Physiotherapy outgrew its small office. Chris started the Morayfield practice in 1999 and continues to be the principal physiotherapist and owner. He is proud to be a family business providing a personalised health service to the Moreton Bay community.

Body Plus Physio has a strong roster of physiotherapists who are well trained and kept up to date with the latest evidence-based research.   The team strive to provide the best care possible for our clients whatever your circumstances, condition or injury. Our goal is to accelerate recovery based on the most up to date research and evidence-based techniques using manual therapy (hands-on techniques) and exercise prescription.

Physiotherapists are experts in exercise prescription because we understand your issue and know how to create and progress your program without aggravating your symptoms. We provide our clients with education and advice concerning their condition or injury and encourage clients to take an active role in their recovery.

We see a large variety of clientele including private patients, Department of Veterans Affairs card holders, Care Plan Referrals, self-managed & plan-managed NDIS clients, Third Party claimants as well as injured workers covered under the various Australian Work Cover schemes including WorkCover Queensland.

Body Plus Physio is one of the few local practices that boasts a preferred provider relationship with BUPA and Medibank Private, as well as being part of the HCF “More For Muscles” program. No referrals are needed to access these programs and clients can make a claim on the spot using the HICAPS network. Please contact us for more information.

…and never, never, never stop moving!

Our Physiotherapists

Annie Helwig


Aliesha Kissener


Cameron Radburn


Dominic Fielden



Our specialised treatment areas

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions. Most adults will experience low [...]

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be frustrating and affect all aspects of your daily life. Posture and accidents [...]

Migraine & Headache

Neck problems are a common source of irritation for headache and migraine sufferers. [...]

Sporting Injuries

Sports injury therapy deals with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and pain [...]

Workplace Injuries

Our physiotherapists are trained to treat injuries sustained in the workplace. By devising an [...]

Post Operative Rehab

Unfortunately some injuries require surgery and rehabilitation is an important part of helping [...]

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries/pain do not only happen to athletes, many of our knee patients are average Joe’s. [...]

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is an inflammatory condition that affects the soft tissues on the outside of your [...]

Jaw Pain

The prognosis for Jaw Pain, or TMJ dysfunction is very good. It responds well to manual [...]


All of our physiotherapists are experienced and trained to deal with Vertigo (BPPV). We can [...]

Off-Site Services

Body Plus Physio offers a full range of off-site services to our clients. From self-managed and [...]

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