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The majority of our services are provided in our rooms by our fully qualified and accredited physiotherapists. In almost all cases the physio you initially see will continue to be your physio throughout your treatment period. We aim to provide a personalised service, meaning we will be one-on-one with you during each treatment and work with you to get the best possible outcome.

Body Plus Physio also offers some off-site services. We can arrange hydrotherapy sessions, gym visits for program setup and review, and home visits for those who can’t get to our rooms. It is best to contact our rooms for information about these services.

Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions seen in the heath industry. Most adults will experience low back pain at some point throughout their lives. It is both debilitating and frustrating for the sufferer and often the severity of the pain is unrelated to the extent of physical damage.

The causes of back pain can be very complex, and there are many structures in the lower back that can cause pain including: Muscles, Ligaments, Joints, Nerves and Discs. Our team of physio’s are trained and experienced in dealing with the most complex of back pain pathologies, and always leave you with a diagnosis and understanding of how to manage it through rehab, while providing symptom relief techniques.

Treatments for back pain include hydrotherapy, mobilisation techniques, soft tissue therapy and progressive strength/stability exercise programs. More importantly we aim to provide you with an understanding of the problem and education regarding the do’s/don’ts.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be frustrating and affect all aspects of your daily life. Posture and accidents are the most common causes of neck pain. Neck and upper back pain is most commonly felt in those with sedentary jobs, but may also be experienced by athletes who are commonly in one posture, or people in occupations that require them to look up for prolonged periods.

One of the most complicated areas in the human body is the neck. It needs to be functioning well in order to do just about anything, so when you have neck pain it seems to affect all aspects of your daily life. Poor posture, bad ergonomics and injury are the most common causes of neck pain.

Neck pain often feels like tight or sore muscles, but just like the lower back, there is a complex web of soft tissue structures and joints that are often at the root of the problem. Physio’s are very good at finding the issue and giving you the right advice and treatment – don’t just assume it’s a tight muscle and stretch it, you may be making it worse!

Our treatments for neck pain will vary depending on the presentation, but in most cases we will combine hands on therapy with exercises, posture education and ergonomic advice.

Migraine & Headache

Migraine & Headache

Neck problems are a common source or trigger of headaches and migraines. These neck problems may be related to wear and tear, poor posture, and bad ergonomic habits in the work place or home. The pain typically refers from the upper 3 segments in the spine, which can be reproduced with certain movements of the neck or with pressure applied to certain spots on the neck. It is common to have reduced range of motion of the neck.

Once the cause of the headache symptoms are identified as cervicogenic, the next step is treatment. This consists of modifications made to daily postures, tasks, and positioning. Manual therapy is used to desensitise the affected segments of the neck and relieve symptoms. Finally, an individualised exercise program and instruction concerning self-management helps with the prevention of reoccurrence.

Sporting Injuries

Sporting Injuries

Sports injury therapy deals with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and pain arising specifically from sport, and can involve acute injuries such as ligaments sprains, muscle or tendon tears or issues arisen due to poor biomechanics (incorrect technique). Our physiotherapists have a special interest in the treatment of sports injury and we place great importance on precise assessment and treatment of a range of conditions to enable our clients to return to optimal function and to minimise the risk of further injury.

All of our physiotherapists have worked with sporting teams and have experience in dealing with all aspects of Sports Physiotherapy. From national competitions to your local athlete, we cover all injuries acute and chronic in this setting. Our aim is to get you back to your sport as soon as possible, with structured rehab and pain relief techniques. Even enhancing your performance on the field with conditioning exercises, and providing injury prevention with tailored programs. We also provide a strapping service to our clients.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are unfortunately common, and a big part of our client load. Although most are preventable, accidents do happen. Body Plus Physio aims at restoring function, gaining pain free movement, and appropriate load management strategies for injured workers. Our approach is always individualised to the particular patients needs and job requirements.

By devising an individually tailored treatment program based on knowledge of the injury, your physiotherapist will help to manage and achieve a safe and sustainable return to work strategy. Rehab is based around ensuring you are safe and back to 100% in the workplace, the same way we treat our athletes returning to sport.

Post Operative Rehab

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Unfortunately some injuries require surgery and rehabilitation is an important part of helping you get the most possible benefit from your surgery. Physiotherapy can help to decrease pain, improve range of movement and help the muscles to strengthen again and is a key element in getting patients back to activity safely, avoiding re-injury.

Your physiotherapist will develop an individually tailored exercise program based on knowledge of the exact type of surgery. Your physiotherapist will also guide you with returning to certain activities after your surgery.

Knee Injuries

Knee Injuries / Pain

Knee injuries/pain do not only happen to athletes, many of our knee patients are average Joe’s. All knee problems will impair your quality of life and often result in inactivity and weight gain. These side effects only make the problem worse and can create an ongoing cycle of knee pain and dysfunction.

Our physiotherapists work with knees every day and are experts at getting to the bottom of the problem. Although we manage loads of post-operative knee patients, we find conservative management of chronic knee problems can delay and even prevent the need for surgery in many cases.

We will perform a thorough assessment to ensure the diagnosis and treatment direction is met early, and will tailor your rehab accordingly. This includes taping or bracing for pain relief, swelling management, mobilisation techniques, and specific progressive exercises to get you back to full function and pain free movement.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylagia, or as it is more commonly known Tennis Elbow, is an inflammatory condition that affects the soft tissues on the outside of your elbow. It is the type of pain that will begin small, and slowly develop into strong constant pain, with weakness in the hand and arm shortly after.

It is typically caused through repetitive tasks such as lifting, reaching, gripping and twisting. On the inside, the tendon where the extensor muscles attach into the bone is beginning to degrade from constant use. First, they become swollen and then they begin to fray.

There are lots of treatment options available to patients, and rehabilitation is different for each person. A full assessment of your arm needs to be completed before deciding which treatment option is right for you. Once this is done we can correct any faulty techniques/movement patterns, provide pain relief with soft tissue massage, dry needling, mobilisation techniques and taping, and begin an exercise program to strengthen the arm and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the scientific name for the jaw. This joint facilitates movements such as hinging and gliding – the directions that we need in order to open and close our mouths. TMJ problems can occur in many ways. Milder conditions can stem from mechanical stress, postural overuse and movement pattern disorders. More moderate and severe conditions are caused from high velocity impact, internal disc derangement and disc adhesions.

The prognosis for TMJ dysfunction is very good. It responds well to manual therapy, gentle exercises and self-management strategies. Often there is involvement from the neck, an area physiotherapists are experts in treating. If left unmanaged a TMJ disorder can begin to affect not only the health of the joint but the integrity of your teeth as well. Prolonged clenching and dysfunction can begin to cause wear and tear, loosening enamel and weakening teeth, leaving you susceptible to cracked teeth.


Vertigo (BPPV)

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV) is one of the most common causes of vertigo. It is often extremely unpleasant, but it is a condition that can be treated very successfully. BPPV occurs when otoconia (tiny calcium carbonate crystals which sit in the inner ear balance organ) become dislodged and migrate into the semicircular canals (structures that tell our brain where we are in space).

Management of BPPV involves performing special exercises to try and relocate the otoconia out of the semicircular canals. This can often happen very easily, but in some cases can take time. It is also common for there to be concurrent neck issues which require treatment which is best done by a physiotherapist.

All of our physiotherapists are experienced and trained to deal with BPPV. We can help diagnose, treat and manage your symptoms. It is a condition which strongly affects quality of life and often will not spontaneously resolve, so if you are a sufferer please seek help.

Off-Site Services

Off-Site Physio

In recent years there has been increasing demand for heath services to become more mobile.  Body Plus Physio offers a full range of off-site services to our clients.

We can set up a gym/hydro program to help you overcome an injury or simply achieve your health goals.

For those who need home visits or visits to aged care facilities, we provide competitive rates and high quality services.

We also have a lot of experience in dealing with self-managed and plan-managed NDIS clients and can cater to your individual needs.

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